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I'm pissed that I have to explain to our two-year-old why we can't breathe the air outside, why he has to wear a face mask to go out and play. Because our state is on fire. Again. Because our droughts are getting ever longer and more severe; our fires ever larger and more destructive each year. BECAUSE OF MAN-MADE CLIMATE CHANGE.Meanwhile our idiot asshole president tweets made-up distractions to divert attention from the problem. And we're stuck inside because my kid doesn't want to wear a face mask just to go outside.Can you blame him?#CaliforniaWildfires #climatechange #globalwarming #fdt #impeachtrump

Don't forget to #vote today!

Candy sharks!

I'm biased, but I think @edisoncurran is more than just a little Incredible.

Rocking stars on our faces!

Sounds redundant, but OK! #vote #registertovote #democracy #dumptrump

"Excuse me, but are your pies made with cage-free, fair trade peasants, or…?" #SanFrancisco #incomeinequality #eattherich

#Coffee for the #dreamers.

I figured out that making tortilla masa is a perfect activity for a toddler, and turned them into some pretty delicious arepa-like things with cheese, salsa, and homemade curtido. @edisoncurran approves!

Got caught in a slow-motion tornado here in Chicago.


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