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Today is going to be awesome!

Mike Doughty playing the songs of Soul Coughing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ruby Vroom album. Thanks Franco!

It's a shame that moonwalking became so much less cool in 2019 because this kid is *Bad*. #shamo

Miniature golf with a miniature Irishman.

Saw this guy in a food court with cart full of 12 smartphones hooked up to a laptop. All the phone screens were calling 911 and he was controlling it all with a spreadsheet-looking app on his computer. He sure didn't seem keen to talk about what he was doing, either.#mildlyinteresting

#wakandaforever #oakanda #Oakland #blackpanther

Protect yo heart!

Happy 14th birthday to the very best good boy of them all, @flashcurran! Thanks for 12 years as my faithful partner in crime and big brother to @edisoncurran. #doggos #seniordogsofinstagram

Hibiscus margaritas (with recipe) to celebrate the birth of @margaux_sofia_ !

Me: "Hey @edisoncurran, smile!"Him: [this face]


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