Getting Started in Renoise

Get your song settings set up like this

You will want your song settings to look like this example for our first exercise.

Make sure the two buttons are selected like in the image. The one on the right is the metronome, and the one next to it is a preference for the way the timeline view moves.

For the Block Loop, you want the loop button selected, and “1/4” in the readout. This will let us start building our beat by looping just the first 1/4 of the pattern.

For Beats/Min, you generally want this set at around 100 for hip hop beats, or around 120 for electronic dance music.

Get your song settings set up like this

Get acquainted with the Pattern Editor

Even though Renoise’s pattern editor is scary to look at at first, let’s take a breath and get clear about what we’re looking at.

The rows or “lines” in this view, numbered from 0 to 63, represent the total lines in a 4 bar piece of music. There are 64 slots made up of 4 bars of 4 beats each with 4 lines each (4 x 4 x 4 = 64). This “4:4 beat” is an extremely common pattern in all forms of rock, dance music, hip hop and popular music.

You can think of each line as a moment in time where you can trigger a sound to start playing. Every 4th line is highlighted to help you keep track of the beats.

The columns, labeled “Track 01”, “Track 02”, and so on, are separate musical tracks, where you can make different sounds play simultaneously. Normally, people will add a different musical instrument on each track, then sequence the notes they play along the timeline.

Get acquainted with the Pattern Editor

The Step Count

You will need to be aware of the Step Count reading. This tells Renoise how many lines to skip after you enter a note. It can be very handy for, say, placing a hi-hat every two lines automatically.

Let’s make sure it’s set at zero to start, but you can always change it later.

The Step Count


You’re all set and ready to go! Do a litte victory dance and I’ll see you in the Hip Hop Beat tutorial.

Fresh Prince Dancing

Success Dance!