TrueSchool’s BeatsClass Starter Pack for Renoise


Download TrueSchool’s BeatsClass Starter Pack for Renoise!

TrueSchool’s BeatsClass Starter Pack for Renoise is a collection of various sounds, samples, instruments, and plugins for Renoise designed to give you a great set of usable sounds and tools for when you first get started.

All respect goes to the mighty Renoise community that has developed and shared these valuable tools, and respect is paid in full below.


XRNI Instruments


Thanks to CarbonThief for this great, usable sample of a VolcaKeys with lo-fi delay added.


Sonatina Orchestral Instruments

I love this collection of orchestral instruments. The recordings are gorgeous and they add a classic, cinematic feel to any song you use them in. A++

(This large sample pack is not included in my Starter Pack, but can be downloaded from the link.

XRNI Drums and DrumKits

I have included the sample “Drums” and “DrumKits” folder that comes bundled with Renoise 3.0, just to make it easier for you to find and work with them. You can also find these in the “Library” folder in your Renoise file navigator window.

Salamander Piano

You may want to download the Salamander Piano instrument, a Renoise XRNI instrument created with high quality recordings of a real piano. It’s a HUGE download (of 1.7GB!!) but should sound great on your recordings. Download it from the link.

XRNX Renoise Extensions

RubberBand Pitch Shift and Time Stretch

One “must have” Renoise extension is the RubberBand Pitch Shift and Time Stretch. This allows you to take an audio sample and stretch it to fit the tempo of your song without changing the pitch.

Chop Sample

Chop Sample does just what it sounds like — it takes a sample (like a drum loop) and chops it up into smaller pieces so you can play them out of order, breathing life into old samples and creating something new.

DJ Tools: Crossfader

One essential tool for DJs is the ability to smoothly fade between two input sources. Traditionally, that’s been two vinyl turntables plugged into the same DJ mixer, but you can do the same thing with two sound files playing on different tracks using this Crossfader plugin!

Step Sequencer

Renoise’s tracker-based interface has its strengths and weaknesses, but some people prefer to create beats using a step-sequencer view where you can see all your drum tracks on a grid over your pattern. The Step Sequencer Renoise plugin adds this view to Renoise so you can switch back and forth!

Groove Control

The Groove Control plugin lets you set the master “swing” of your song with one simple control, allowing you to add more humanity and movement to your creations. Renoise has a built in tool for this, but this plugin improves the UX considerably.

Transpose Note in Specific Scale

This is a nifty tool for limiting your notes to specific scales or chords at certain spots in the timeline. It allows you to quickly change keys and chords, creating complex chord progressions with a minimum of hassle. I’m planning a future video tutorial to show how to use it best.



“Breaks”, or “breakbeats”, are clips from existing song recordings where the band takes a break, letting the drummer take a solo. These breaks formed the foundation of hip hop and electronic music once artists learned to loop and chop these breaks in new and creative ways. They can add an authentic “real” drum sound to your recordings, excite people who recognize the original song, and let you build upon some of the greatest rhythms and sounds in history.

These breaks come bundled with Renoise 3.0 — I just added them here to help you find and work with them. I assume/hope that these samples are cleared for redistribution…?

Renoise has great tools for you to create your own breaks and samples from your favorite music. If you have MP3s of your favorite artists on your computer, try pulling them into Renoise, slicing them up, and playing with them!

The MusicRadar Hip Hop Sample Pack

This came from a free download from the site MusicRadar, which regularly offers free samples in a variety of genres. If you’re trying to build up your library of samples (and you should!) this is a great place to start. Of course, please support their other commercial offerings and click on the ads too. Every bit helps!


Download TrueSchool’s BeatsClass Starter Pack for Renoise!