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Sorry @eileenlcurran but my St. Patty's day corned beef, potatoes, and greens is my favorite of all time – even better than anything I had in Ireland! Grass fed corned beef from @cloveandhoof butcher, @seriouseats recipe potatoes (cooked in duck fat), and @traderjoes cruciferous crunch in place of cabbage. #nomnomnom

Epic pizza night with my best buddy @edisoncurran #nomnomnom

Tech bro dog drinks mint tea at work now. Hope it improves his breath!#goodboy #fancylad #tea #dogsofinstagram

The Happiest Place on Earth

Black Panther in 3D was cool, but the Orange Fox has more special effects (on my heart) 🦊

Batman's minivan.#Batman

A glitch in the Matrix.

#speakyourtruth #drumpf #dumptrump

Happy 13th birthday to the best partner-in-crime a guy could have, @flashcurran. My life is so much richer (and more exciting) with you in it, buddy. #goodboy

Heart… melting….


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