Oakland Love

TrueSchool Creative has its roots in Oakland’s artistic and technological renaissance. Committed to Bay Area arts, technology, non-profits, education, and small business, we’re here to help Oakland blossom by empowering communication, commerce, and free expression.

Visual Flavor

Drawing inspiration from the True School of hip hop and the vibrance of Oakland, True School Creative pays respect to the past while relentlessly pushing technological and artistic boundaries. You will see that TrueSchool design is always on point, bringing out the true meaning of your endeavor with a fluent visual vocabulary.

Powerful Design

TrueSchool is committed to open source, open web design principles that are free as in “freedom”. WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript are transparent, web native technologies that promote the sharing of best practices, the inclusion of all viewers, and a commitment to learning and teaching. If you like what you see here, feel free to view my code, fork it, hack it, and develop your own style.

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