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1: Research

The first thing I like to do is ask clients to research their competitor’s websites to see how other people in their industry present themselves online. We can use this as a jumping off point to discuss how you can put out a website that’s current, appropriate, and eye-catching in your particular genre.

  1. Collect about 5 websites of people who do what you do.
  2. Ask yourself what “works” on these websites, and what you would change on your own site.
  3. Take note of how they organize information, what kind of information they share, and what the design choices say about their business.
Warning - Seesaw ahead

2: Collaborate

We can set up a meeting to discuss your research and talk about what you’d like for your website. During this meeting we’ll look at the websites you analyzed, discuss possibilities and cost, and create a plan for production.

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3: Design

Design collaboration. During this process I will create mockups, send you proofs, and discuss how they meet your needs.

Blast Off

4: Launch!

Set up your BLUEHOST.COM account and reserve your desired web domain and hosting plan. You can do this at any point in the process, but you can also wait until we’re ready to “go live”.